The Obsessions Page

The Letter Opener Collection

I've been collecting letter openers since I was 12. I knew decades ago they 'd be obsolete by the millennium.

It began with two I personally selected from the United Nations Gift Shop- one from Kenya, one from Tanzania. (They'll show up sometime.) I had wandered in for a break from a week-long search, a tough trek trying to locate Del Floria's Tailor Shop. Hey, I was 12-- I didn't realize I was on the wrong coast.

This month's opener: gift of composer Don Wilkins and Sharon Wilkins- it's an Irish thing, and like many things Irish, it's soaked in poetry. Interesting vernacular-- it's called a "paperknife."

In the fullness of time the entire collection will be digitized and viewable here.



I had an amusing chat with a credit card company offering me a Variable Rate card.

"What? You're joking, right? Variable rate is history."

She laughed.

"Oh, no, it's very much alive."

"Really. Suck eggs."


Well, that's what I should have said.

Really. VAPR's and ARM's got us into our current mess, because many of us went for them, and they got bundled toegther by greedy little beavers who essentially auctioned off air, because when we couldn;t afford the "new" rates, air they became.

Refuse anything variable. You can't plan finances on variables. No sane businessman should entertain a variable.

This crap came from a generation of Harvard MBA's who drank the KoolAid.

Other Obsessions

There will be other obsessions celebrated as time goes by,, mostly positive, about stuff that really works. For instance, the new canoopener sold Amway-style, which doesn't create a sharp edge. Rasberry Whippets. Empire Deluxe. Land's End All-Weather Mocs. Dremel anything.