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The Virtual Frame Shop
features the famous film animation studio where PBS shows from The Civil War to JAZZ and photomotion for "American Experience" and hundreds of other great shows-- was actually shot.
Need title design info for your next film? In here!

Carol Cohen Glass
Official website! Carol exhibits everywhere, from Heller Gallery, NY to the Musuem of Fine Arts, Boston.
Need something new and compelling for that unoccupied coffee table or corner of your museum? Start here!

Anthony Restorations
is an family craft studio. Restorationist Brian Anthony also works in film and TV. He has parlayed his passion for silent comedy poster art preservation into an enterprise linked to great fine arts brokerages and auction houses.
Need that Keaton lobby card or Flash Gordon book jacket professionally restored? Right here!

First Class!

Advanced Editing 476, Emerson College, Fall semester 2008,
L-R: Rachel Krasner, Lauren Schumacher, Patrick Witthaus, Joseph Arbeely, Christina Larkin,
Adaliz Guzman, Rachel Desilets, Robert Balchunas

Current Resume

Here's an updated PDF Resume.

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Recent Work Sampler: Loren Miller

Freelance Editing - Producing - Digital Post - Teaching - Writing
Faculty Appoointment - Emerson College (2008- present)
Editing and post processes on Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro
in the Visual Media Arts Division. Part time position.

NeoTron Event ENG (2006- present)
Media-related trade show event and special video reports for the content creation community,
via Neotron Design YouTube video channel.
Currently in post: SOUND DESIGN, construction of a unique recording studio.
Producer- Editor

Cognitive Developmental Training Workshop (Spring 2008)
5- hour version of a recorded workshop with video and graphics,
demonstrating effective non-behaviorist therapies. Produced for Cognitive Designs, Inc.
Editor, DVD author-designer, Final Cut Studio

Sign and Spoken Language Program (Spring 2005)
Unique reading program produced by the Language and Cognitive Development Center of Boston.
Effects-heavy update of the original product developed at LCDC in the 80's, readied for DVD production..
Picture Editor, Effects Designer, Final Cut Pro

Project Bread (Spring 2004)
For producer Anthony Hill, documentary covering the Walk for Hunger,
oldest fundraising walk in the country.
Picture Editor, Effects, Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors, Second Edition (Winter, 2004
For Peachpit Press and author/trainer Diana Weynand.
Technical Editor, Content Consultant

MailMinder™ (Winter 2003)
For Staples "Invention Quest," a complete product development including prototype,
presentation literature and short video. Result, national semifinalist, 1 of 185 out of 8000 entries.
Designer, Producer

Death By Repetition (Fall 2002 to present)
Producer/Director Tom Woronko's independent feature, police drama.
Picture Editor, Sound Design, Final Cut Pro

Discovering Psychology 26 X 30 series (Summer 2002)
At WGBH, worked on several episodes for Producer Harlan Reiniger.
Staff Editor, titles, Final Cut Pro, post support

Rockport Film Editing Workshop (Fall 2001)
for the International Film & TV Workshops, Rockport, Maine, USA
Guided highly motivated students editing dramatic, documentary and commercial projects.
Instructor, week-long session on PC Avids at the workshop's Rosenblum Center

The Next Big Thing 13 X 30 series (Spring) 2001
for The Monitor Company's Marketspace/TNBT Studios.
Business television interview program covers movers and shakers.
Online Picture Editor, Final Cut Pro Online

Inside the World's Mightiest Bank 1 X 60 (2000)
for Discovery Channel's "On the Inside" series.
A fascinating look inside the Federal Reserve Bank.
Picture Editor, Effects ,Avid

Being on the Edge of Being (2000)
Fundraising presentation for Underbelly Films, issues surrounding death and dying.
Picture Editor, all post services, Final Cut Pro

Shedding Light on Science 8 X 60 series video (1999)
for the Annenberg/CPB Channel.
A lively science series for elementary school teachers, all about light and physics.
Picture Editor, 4 hours, plus series graphics co-designer, Avid Online

South Africa: Building Democracy 3 X 60 series video (1997- 8)
Shosholoza Productions for producer Sam Kauffmann.
An epic inside look at South Africa today, through the eyes of six citizens, from different walks of life.
Picture Editor and all digital design services, AVID Offline/Online

Antiques Roadshow 13 X 60 series video (Season Two, 1997-8)
For PBS.
According to Neilsons, highest rated episodes of highly rated show.
Staff Picture Editor, pilot episodes and other hours, plus series credit bed, AVID .

Breaking Ground, 13 X 30 series video, (Premiere Season, 1995)
For Home and Garden Television.
Charming flagship cable series on landscape architecture.
Staff Picture Editor, Effects, Graphics, post supervisor for pilot episodes, AVID


SOUND DESIGN (Documentary, release: mid-2009)
Follows the design and construction of a unique professional recording studio by Blackmer Sound.

ANATOMY OF AN OPEN (Short Documentary, 2007)
Traces the development of the graphic open for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.
Available soon through the NeoTron Design YouTube channel

POSITIONING PREVIZION (Short Documentary, 2007)
Former lead engineer of iRobot's Roomba® singlehandedly tackles and reinvents the greenscreen special effects industry.
Available soon through the NeoTron Design YouTube channel

INVENTION! (Docudrama 16mm film pilot,1990)
Recreates invention process from a bright idea to trade show premiere, as a novice inventor threads his way to completion of an unusual product. Worldfest Gold Award winner is the only trace of its kind. Took seven years to complete the true story of the world's first Throwable-Alarm Clock.
Designed as a pilot for an original series on the subject.
Gold Award winner, Worldfest, 1990. Licensed PBS broadcasts.

Historical Highlights

Yep, I really worked on an Oscar winner, and several nominees over the years. I'm proud of my contributions to all the shows listed along with many other great shows not listed (they know who they are). Some reviewers have called these "offbeat witty", a bit tiresome-- most of them are precisely "on-beat"-- and the subject range is amazing. You may have seen one or two of these gems on PBS, a cable network or at a film festival. (Let me know, it would be a real kick to hear from you.)

JAZZ IN THE MAGIC CITY 1985 (S. Jaffe Productions)
Everything you wanted to know about "Tuxedo Junction"- song and place- woven around the story of a very strict, dedicated Birmingham music teacher named John "Fess" Whatley.
Editor, Co-Writer, all Post Services

Sinking Creek festival winner, Best Documentary 1986

URGE TO BUILD 1982 (Halle'/Hoover Films)
John Hoover and Roland Halle' teamed up to produce this gem about ordinary folks who tackle homebuilding. Revolves around Pat and Patsy Hennin's Shelter Institute, Bath, Maine.
The editor cameos as a solar home customer.
Editor, Co-Writer, all Graphics and Post Services
Oscar nominee, Best Short Documentary, 1982

KARL HESS: TOWARD LIBERTY 1981 (Halle'/Ladue Films)
Peter Ladue with Roland Halle produced a lively portrait of libertarian Hess (1924-1994) who lived an incredible shifting paradigm, leaving the GOP as Goldwater's speechwriter, joining SDS, living off barter.
The editor cameos as a solar panel customer.
Supervising Editor, Co-Writer, all Post Services
Oscar winner, Best Short Documentary, 1981

I REMEMBER BARBRA 1980 (Third Grade Films)
Short student film featured interviews with all of Brooklyn-- from Flatbush to Brighton Beach-- except Barbra Streisand herself, to whom they all claim connection.
Editor, Co-Writer, Associate Producer, all Post Services
Student Oscar winner, Best Documentary, 1981

SINCE '45 1979 (Korry Productions)
A scrambled, perky personal essay from BU film student Mike Korolenko which included interviews with everybody from Isaac Asimov to Gilda Radner, and got aired by Jim Lehrer on his PBS American Chronicle series.
The editor cameos as Richard Nixon.
Editor, Co-Writer, all Post Services
Student Oscar winner, Best Documentary, 1979

TATTOO 1978 (Whit Rummel/Allagash)
This item treated heavily tattoo'ed folks as if they were shriners.
No one in director Whit Rummel's production unit is tattooed.
Editor, Post Services
Bronze Award, WORLDFEST 1979

ADVANTAGE, ISRAEL 1977 (David Sternburg/BPG)
A fundraiser costing $3500 which raised $5 million for the cause of sports for children in Israel. Producer David Sternburg was thinking ahead: Israel's top seed Amos Mansdorf was 12 years old in the film.
Editor, all Graphics and Post Services
Silver Award, WORLDFEST, 1978

KUDZU 1976 (Short Productions)
Short subject featured the late James Dickey, Jimmy Carter and the rest of the south.
The editor appears as a sound recordist pestering Jimmy Carter.
Editor, Co-Writer, Additional Recordist, all Graphics and Post Services
Oscar nominee, Best Live Action Short, 1977