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Editing and Digital Post: Motion Picture

Loren Miller is an award-winning filmmaker and editor who migrated to digital media in the mid 80's.
Loren has produced, directed, written, and specializes in editing and post. He brings the same enthusiasm, excitement, imaginative sense of detail and serious fun to client projects he brought to several Oscar-winning and -nominated short documentaries he contributed to as a unique package of editor, co-writer, art director, graphic designer and/or associate producer. He also produced a prizewinning documentary about inventors.
He regularly edits and consults for feature and documentary filmmakers.

Even our crashes are more stylish. And now on the same machine.

Reporting and Writing: Macintosh Media Tools and Events

Since 1995.

Feel free to download or surf to peruse recent reports and articles:

THE CHANGEOVER CHALLENGE: From Avid to Final Cut Pro, a practical tour for switchers, updated for FCP 6.x. Like many, I still cut on both, and UK-based Martin Baker's Avid2FCP switcher site aids tremendously in adding FCP to your skillset. Start here!
These examples relate to my April '06 Tech Edge article in IMAGINE Monthly
Download Example 1: the NeoTron Studio panorama (1 MB, .mov file)
Download Example 2: the MacWorld Show Floor panorama (1 MB, .mov file)

These movies open in Apple's free QuickTime Player for Mac or Windows. It'll open in your browser if you've set QuickTime's browser plugin. If not, just download and open it locally.
Couldn't make it to San Fran? Why, then, join me for a survey of this year's largest Macintosh event, (training wheels for NAB) for LAFCPUG and IMAGINE Monthly. This is typical show coverage I do for print and web.
MACWORLD BOSTON 2005: From Concert to Cut in Minutes Flat
describes FCP MultiCam demo'd at a Berklee College event of the very last Boston MacWorld.
Take Back Your Mac: The Refugee Utilities for MacOSX
Endorsed by Apple interface guru Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, this is for classic Mac users (yup, a few are still out there!) migrating to the strange new world of OSX. Article at LAFCPUG is distilled from a popular MacFixit forum thread I began in 2001 and which has their largest recorded viewership. See how folks take back their Macs.
Automatic Duck for Avid-to-FCP or FCP-to-Avid Editing
Review celebrates a unique plugin set allowing choice and convenience in post tools.
An Avid Look at Final Cut Pro
originally for Point of View Magazine,1999. It holds up well. This is essay introduces me as the 43rd most beloved Mac columnist.extant, (blame Raines Cohen for originally setting up this review) but other editors and producers have found this comparison to Avid NLE systems useful as a decent intro to the product.
(1 MB, Binhex/Stuiffit/PDF file)

Video Reports & Production: Media Tools and Events

Since 2006.

Documentary (and Dramatic) work
You'll be able to view these on Neotron Design's YouTube Channel.

Personal Listings

Loren appears in Who's Who -- and you know, you can't nominate yourself -- so he's in there with Leslie Neilson, Angelina Jolie, and Jonathan Winters...isn't Winters in there? And Alan Smithee, too! But somebody really important is not, as far as I know.


Tap the envelope; zap me an e-mail message right here, or use your favorite emailer: personal e-mail goes to me at lormiller@mindspring.com.

Obligatory Homepage Links

Boston Final Cut Pro User Group
Second largest FCP group in the country. My "Scanning with ScanGuide Pro" lives here and also on the...
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group
Largest group supporting Apple's upstart editing system.
My "Keys to Speed" and other Tutorial and Review articles live here.

Up and Atom!
Eric Drexler's Foresight Institute is online. Important foundation research work; we must all be ready. The capabilities outlined in his 1985 manifesto ENGINES OF CREATION are coming whether you like it or not. Don't be a buckyball-- join the future before it dissembles you!
What's religion got to do with it?
Never mind Mel's messianic passon; here's $200,000: audit my body thetans, babe. Holy Tom, John and Kirstie!
Intend to Co-House?
Here's one of the movers and shakers in the recent Intentional Community movement in California, which expands on the cohousing movement from Sweden in the 70's, appealing to Boomers and Bloomers everywhere.

A useful legacy here:

Green Monster Mash
A wonderful memorial to an important piece of machinery.
I miss airspooling, but not finger slices.
The Internet Movie Database
Extremely comprehensive movie information source, and growing. Many of my assignments old and new are listed.
The IKEA Online Catalog
Ever wonder where to find all that elegant, inexpensive furniture you assemble yourself?
Did you know the world's wealthiest man of 2004 was not Bill Gates? Go, Ingvar Kamprat (the IK in IKEA).
Obsessions Page
Including editorals, rants, and the NeoTron Letter Opener collection, which changes at a glacial pace, reflecting snail mail.

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